High shrinkable  bag with controlled barrier for the CO2 transmission developed for fresh cheese.
Bag with low CO2 barrier.
High mechanical characteristics  excellent perforation resistance.
Controlled permeability to CO2 specific to pack cheese.
Extraordinary transparency skin effect.
Produced with multilayer material which guarantee an high oxygen barrier.
Exalting the aspect of the  product for its bright and adhesion to the product.
High puncture resistance low level of losing of vacuum.
Bags are supply with or without tapes with different sealing RS-TS-LS.
GAPFOIL  shrink bags are  Chlorine-free they do not contain PVDC.
Bags can be printed.

Dimension mm RS Round Seal LS Longitudinal Seal TS Trasversal Seal
Length mm 200-650 200-650 80-500
Width mm 230-1200 230-1200 200-600